On Call Scheduling

On Call Scheduling

On call scheduling allows you to create flexible and powerfull support layering to ensure you have an engineer stand by when some problem occurs. This allows you to optimize your time but at the same time efficiently accelerate response to critical incidents.

Creating on call schedule in AlertAgility is easy:

  1. Click on On-Call Schedule on the nav bar on your AlertAgility account. Next click on Add New to add a new on-call schedule. OnCall Schedule

  2. Now, give your scheudle a name, and click on Create Schedule. OnCall Schedule

  3. Next you will see a calendar view of your schedule. At first it has no users assigned, so in order to add user click on Add New button. OnCall Schedule

  4. Here you can add user to this on-call scheudule. Choose the days this user is on-call for, and start typing the name of the user you want to be on call for those days. Users here are all the users in your account. When a user is selected you can choose which times this user is on call for. OnCall Schedule

  5. Simply type the time or choose from the drop down. Once that is done click save to save this user to this on-call schedule. OnCall Schedule

  6. You can add multiple users, with diffrent time preferences to the on call schedule. Add your users to the suitable times. The calender view shows how your on-cal support is. OnCall Schedule

Once you have created your on-call they will appear under On-Call Schedule list. Scheduling is powerful tool when combined with escalation. Next, lets create a Escalation Templatethat uses the on-call scheduling to escalate an incident.