Major Incident Notification

Major Incident Notification

Major Incident managent and notification is a critical part of running any infrastructure. When something happens that need more than just the on-call engineer to get involved, having an IM system to promptly notify those critical for the resolution of the problem is just as important as having alert and on call scheduling system.

Major Incident Management in AlertAgility help to do just that. This documents explains some of the steps involved in creating a new incident though the IM page.

You can find the Incident managment page under Escalations. In order to get started click on Escalations tab on the navbar. Along with Escalation policies for your alert management, there is also Incidents options that allows you to trigger an IM.

  1. Click on Escalation and then on Incidents section. IM

  2. First create an IM Notification template. The template allows you to group the correct bunch of people who should be targeted with IM notification. Click on the New IM Template and select people and give it a name. Also, select the notification mechanism for this template. IM

  3. You should create as many templates as necessary to group differnt groups. For example, there might be a case to just call all managers, or all devs and so on. IM

  4. In order to trigger a notification, click on New Incident and fill the necessary segments. IM

  5. The incident page will list all your opened IMs. You can click on the IM to see more details. IM

  6. You can also leave comments as the incident is getting resolved, or keep track of relevant information for later review. IM