1. Alerts - This is where you will see all your incidents.

  2. Reports - This is a beta feature that allows you to make sense of your alerts. See alert trends, and find what services are alerting more etc.

  3. Event Log - Every event that happens within alertagility is here. Gives you a historic view of actions in your environment.

  4. Services - Services are alert services. See Integration Guides

  5. On-Call Schedule - Create on-call schedules. See On-Call Scheduling

  6. Escalations - Create escalation policies. See Escalations

  7. Open Alerts - These are all open incidents in your environment.

  8. My Alerts - These are incidents that are assigned to the logged in user.

  9. Resolved Alerts - These are incidents that have been recently resolved.

  10. Acknowledge / Resolve - Acknowledge or Resolve selected incident.