Stackdriver Integration Guide

This integration guide helps setup Stackdriver to send alert notifications to AlertAgility.

  1. From your AlertAgility account, create a Stackdriver service. Note the Stackdriver service Webhook url. This will be used in step 3.

  2. On your Stackdriver page, find Account Setting. Stackdriver Integration

  3. Under Accounts, Notification, select the Webhooks section. Click Add new Webhook and add the webhook url from step1. Stackdriver Integration

  4. For the policy you would like to add notification for click edit, or create a new policy by using the Add Policy button. Stackdriver Integration

  5. Under Notification section, choose Webhook and select the Webhook notification you created in step 2. Stackdriver Integration

  6. Alternately, you can also create a Email Service in AlertAgility and add that email as notification receiver from Stackdriver. Stackdriver Integration

  7. Choose appropriate options and save the policy.

At this point you should have a working integration with Stackdriver. When an alert is triggered, Sackdriver will forward it to your AlertAgility incident management application, and any resolution should also be automatically processed.