Prometheus Integration Guide

This integration guide explains how to configure Prometheus to send alert notification to Alertagility. This integration assumes that you have Prometheus running along with Alertanager.

  1. Go to your AlertAgility UI, and from Services create a Prometheus service. Note the Prometheus webhook url from the page, you will need it in later steps.

  2. Configure Prometheus Alertmanager to send notifications to AlertAgility. To do so simply create a receiver with your Prometheus webhook url like so:

    - name: 'AlertAgility'
          - url: ""

The URL should be your prometheus service webhook url.

At this point you should be able to route any alert to AlertAgility as long as you use the receiver to route your alerts. As an example take a look at the section below for example usage of the receiver.

# The root route on which each incoming alert enters.
  # The labels by which incoming alerts are grouped together. For example,
  # multiple alerts coming in for cluster=A be batched into a single group.
  group_by: ['alertname', 'cluster', 'service']

  # If an alert has successfully been sent, wait 'repeat_interval' to
  # resend them.
  repeat_interval: 3h

  # A default receiver to send all alerts to AlertAgility
  receiver: AlertAgility

  # All the above attributes are inherited by all child routes and can
  # overwritten on each.

  # The child route trees.
  # This routes performs a regular expression match on alert labels to
  # catch alerts that are related to a list of services.
  - match_re:
      service: ^(foo1|foo2|baz)$
    receiver: AlertAgility

Configure all options according to your needs.