NodePing Integration Guide

This integration guide explains how to configure NodePing to send alert notifications to Alertagility.

  1. Go to your AlertAgility page, and from Services create a NodePing service. Note the Nodeping webhook url from the page, you will need it in later steps.

  2. From your NodePing page, under contacts, add a new contact for alertagility. Select Webhook and enter the webhook url from step 1. Give it a name and save. Nodeping Integration

  3. Next go back to Checks page in NodePing, and for the check you want notification to be fowarded click Edit. Nodeping Integration

  4. Finally, under Check Notification on the Edit page, find the Notify section, select the contact that you created in step 2, fill other options per your requirements and save. Nodeping Integration

  5. Be sure to test your integration with a test alert.

At this point you should see alerts from NodePing notification appear on your AlertAgiliy page, and get resolved when the NodePing resolution is received.