HipChat Integration Guide

This integration guide explains how to configure your HipChat room to receive messages from AlertAgility.

  1. Go to your organization HipChat admin page. For example: https://YOURORG.HipChat.com/admin

  2. Once you login to the HipChat admin portal, select Integrations. Then select Build Your Own Integration. HipChat Integration

  3. Next select the HipChat room to send notificationss to. Also give your integration a name. In this case, call it alertagility. HipChat Integration

  4. Click on Create, and you will get a HipChat URI on which to receive notificationss. Copy this URI. HipChat Integration

  5. On your AlertAgility portal. Select services, and edit the service you would like to configure to send notifications to HipChat. HipChat Integration

  6. Next, on the Service Edit page, click on Configure New Webhook. You can add multiple webhooks by clicking more than once. HipChat Integration

  7. Give the new webhook a name, and paste the HipChat URI from step 4, then click Add.

  8. Be sure to click on Save Settings to save your new webhooks.

Your HipChat room will now receive notificationss every time there is a new alert or every time there is a new action on an existing incident.