Heartbeat Integration Guide

This guide shows how to configure heartbeat monitoring with AlertAgility.

Heartbeat is a simple service that monitors just like a heartbeat monitor. It simply listens for an incoming ping or http POST request and treats it like a heartbeat. If it fails to ping AlertAgility within a set period, Alertagility will create an alert for you. Heartbeat should be used as a solution for IoT monitoring or as a basic monitoring solution for your hosts.

Heartbeat Monitoring

Use cases should be something simple where you don’t want to deploy a full fledged monitoring solution but sill want to monitor hosts’ presence or to monitor hosts behind a firewall. Setting up heartbeat on the monitored host is alsmost as simple as putting in a cron command.

Follow this guide to configure a heartbeat monitor.

  1. In your AlertAgility account, click on Services on the navbar and create a new service . Heartbeat Monitoring

  2. Click on Heartbeat and set a suitable duration as a timeout. This is the time period after which the lack of a ping or post from the monitored host will trigger an alert.

Heartbeat Monitoring

  1. Once you create a heartbeat service, you can create many host/hearbeat monitors using the same service. Simply use your service key to post a heartbeat to AlertAgility from any host. It can be something as simple as creating a cron entry to post an HTTP request containing the machine’s hostname as the post data. Something like: Heartbeat Monitoring

You can do the same on the command line. Monitoring/alerting will start as soon as the first POST request is recorded. If the host then fails to post another request for the length of time specified in step 3, an alert will be created for the service, and will be treated as any other alert.

  1. For example, an alert might look like the below, and will follow any escalation rules. Heartbeat Monitoring