Email Integration Guide

Configure email integration to send alerts by email to AlertAgility.

  1. First create a new service in AlertAgility for Email service. Under Services, click on Add New Service and choose Email Integration. Give your email address. This address will be used to trigger alerts. email integration

  2. Once you click Create, you will see this screen: email integration

Email integration allows you to choose different filters on how to trigger an alert when an email is received. Click on the setting you wish to deploy for your email integration. Here we choose to trigger an alert on all incoming email. You can however create rules to filter out email to reduce unwanted noise.

  1. Next, choose whether to create alert on each email or each new subject. email integration

  2. Finally, choose any escalation policy you wish to use with this integration. email integration

Make a note of your email address. Any email sent to this address will trigger an alert depending on how you have configured your filters in step 2.

If everything looks right. Click Save Settings to save your changes.