AWS CloudWatch Integration Guide

This integration guide explains how to configure your AWS account to send monitoring alarms to AlertAgility.

  1. In your AlertAgility account, click on Services on the navbar and find AWS Integration. AWS Integration

  2. Create an AWS Cloudwatch service and copy the webhook URI. AWS Integration

  3. Now in your AWS SNS console, click on Create topic. AWS Integration

  4. Name the topic and click on Create topic button. AWS Integration

  5. Once the topic has been created, on the next page click on Create Subscription. AWS Integration

  6. Next, choose HTTPS as your protocol, and paste in the webhook endpoint URI from step 2. AWS Integration

  7. Once the subscription has been created. You will see it in pending status for a few seconds. The subscription will automatically be confirmed by AlertAgility. You can click on the refresh cog until you see that it has been confirmed.

  8. Next, go to your EC2 console and right-click on the instance you would like to monitor. From the dropdown, click Add/Edit Alarms. AWS Integration

  9. Next click on Create Alarm. AWS Integration

  10. On the next screen select the notification you created eariler from the dropdown menu in step 8. Also configure actions and alert thresholds for the notification. AWS Integration

  11. Next, we need to repeat adding the alarm to receive resolved alerts. So far we have only configured notification such that critial alerts are sent to AlertAgility. Right click on the same instance and click on Add/Edit Alarm again. AWS Integration

  12. Next click on View. AWS Integration

  13. On the next screen click on Modify to modify the alarm. AWS Integration

  14. On the Modify Alarm pop up, click on Notification to add a new notification. AWS Integration

  15. Check that you now have both alarm and ok notifications. Once that is done click on Save Changes. AWS Integration

After the notification is succesfully saved, you should have a working AWS Cloudwatch notification to AlertAgility.