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IT infrastructure monitoring is one of the most important function of any business. With more and more distributed and micro service oriented infrastructure that business deploy today on both on-premise and multiple public cloud infrastructure the need to get quick notification, escalate to the right engineer and visibility of the problem is a must for business success.

AlertAgility is an incident management tool that helps businesses meet this business need by allowing integration with your monitoring tools and aggregrating all your alerts and events into an easy to visualize interface. This documentation introduces key concepts in AlertAgility, provides integration guides with your monitoring tool, and provides reference to various other information.

Getting Started

The first step in getting started with incident management is to integrate your monitoring tool with AlertAgility. This allows your monitoring tool to send alert/event notification to AlertAgility, where you can setup various rules and escalation policies to find the right person en route to the shortest path to remediation.

In order to setup your monitoring tool to integrate with AlertAgility see Integration Guides

Once your monitoring is pushing alerts into AlertAgility, you might like to create an on-call schedule for your team to handle these alerts. To learn about creating on-call schedules see On-Call Scheduling

Next, make policies on how these alerts should be handled. To learn more about setting up escalation policies that combine on-call schedules and direct escalations to form powerful routing mechanisms for your incident notification see: Escalations

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Getting Help

My monitoring tool is not supported?

If you dont find your monitoring tool in integration list but would like to use AlertAgility, let us know at info@alertagility.com and we will try to add it with in 24 hours.

In case you get stuck on any other problem make sure to ask for Help in the #alertagility IRC room, or by clicking on support on the main website. We are always here to help you.